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TIKAM SAMURAI STORY  consists of VI (six) episodes. Each episode consists of 3 to 6 vols.

Episode I (First) consists of four volumes, was completed when the Youngest Reed left the village of China to Singapore and then on to Japan. In the episode I was told why the youngest to die so bold look for the enemy to Japan and why he became vindictive and very resent oppression of the powerful groups in a weak group.
Episode II (two) consists of several volumes as well. beginning of volume 5 (connection number four episodes I). In this episode say about the fight against bandit groups in Japan, against injustice and fight the enemy besarn: Saburo Matsuyama.dan do not forget he was met with Japan's legendary samurai hero: Zato Ichi.
Episode III told he was involved in a feud with a group of international gangsters that trafficked women from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok and other countries. He met and united with the former army Grenn Barret, the most elite and famous troops from Britain. This episode is located in Singapore and Australia.
Episode IV is the darkest episode in the history of the Minangkabau. The episode tells the involvement of the Youngest in the throes of PRRI in West Sumatra. In that episode the naked told how cruel forces that are fighting. Whether it's PRRI or APRI. But not only the cruelty in it, there are also stories of a very human and touching, for example the friendship between two soldiers, one into which one fixed in the PRRI APRI In this episode narrated the history of the shooting of Colonel Dakhlan DJambek. then he would actually go to Bukittinggi, have no contact with the commander, that he would merge back into the lap of Earth. But that morning, when he would depart, there are forces who intercepted and shot him? What exactly happens? Was he killed deliberately, so as not to return to the Republic of Indonesia? nobody was firing at dawn? In this fourth episode, all told in practice.

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sinopsis tikam samurai

"You will not survive Saburo. I vowed to take revenge from the afterlife. You will die killed by Samuraimu own. You will feel how the weapon to stab you. You'd be stabbed by a samurai who you bring from your land. Remember it well. I swear ..... "

tikam samurai tells the life story of a young boy from the village Situjuh Laweh field, which lies at the foot of Mount Sago, West Sumatra. Tragedy begins with the invasion of a small band of Japanese soldiers around tahun1942 to his village. Resulted in his father's ruthlessness Japanese soldiers killed by Saburo Matsuyama, a field officer and his mother and sister to share in the adverse effects of treatment of the Japanese soldiers.