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sinopsis tikam samurai

"You will not survive Saburo. I vowed to take revenge from the afterlife. You will die killed by Samuraimu own. You will feel how the weapon to stab you. You'd be stabbed by a samurai who you bring from your land. Remember it well. I swear ..... "

tikam samurai tells the life story of a young boy from the village Situjuh Laweh field, which lies at the foot of Mount Sago, West Sumatra. Tragedy begins with the invasion of a small band of Japanese soldiers around tahun1942 to his village. Resulted in his father's ruthlessness Japanese soldiers killed by Saburo Matsuyama, a field officer and his mother and sister to share in the adverse effects of treatment of the Japanese soldiers.

The youngest of the young man's name, the only survivor in his family. Samurai by Saburo left a training tool for the Japanese began to pave the road to revenge. He eventually created a distinctive stance Samurai can win the fight for the fight against the criminals and even the Japanese soldiers themselves. Some Japanese soldiers commit harakiri to admit defeat facing the Youngest

A variety of unique events with the background history of the Youngest eventually accompany a trip to Japan. Acquainted with members of British special forces Green Barret and fight with the Yakuza. He finally managed to find the killer family, Saburo Matsuyama, the enemy in Kyoto, and deliver Saburo to choose suicide after being defeated in battle by the Youngest true Samurai.

Samurai Minang trip was also wrapped with a romantic story with the girls he knew, Mei-Mei, Mei Ling, Salma and the most tragic: Michiko Matsuyama who truly loved her, who is also the daughter of Saburo Matsuyama, his father's murderer! In some episodes, the United States also became the background of this story.

That said, stabbing Samurai became the inspiration for thousands of young Minangkabau to go abroad and conquer distant lands and challenging: Singapore, Japan, Australia and the United States. The Youngest also motivates us to not know fear. Diligent practice and optimize the science, that's the key. So any nation can be defeated, even with weapons of their own making.

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